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  • “Blizzard” lyrics

    “Blizzard” lyrics

    1.Blizzard Standing here, I’m in this darkness.Everything has turned to red in the cold night.I wanna run away […]

  • STUDS “Blizzard” MV

    STUDS “Blizzard” MV

    STUDS “Blizzard” MV 「Blizzard」 from Blizzard 表示されない方はこちらから STUDS “Blizzard” MV

  • STUDS × Relents 2MAN SHOW

    STUDS × Relents 2MAN SHOW

    Sat., June. 26 厚木Thunder Snake change anything to the funny story‼︎ vol.6-STUDS NewSingle「Blizzard」レコ発- […]

  • Blizzard


    Release Date: 2021.06.23 RUN and GUN RECORDS Disc 1. Blizzard 2. Time Is Over 3. Scream It Out 4. Waste Of Tim […]

  • [開催延期]Go Your Way EP RELEASE PARTY!!

    [開催延期]Go Your Way EP RELEASE PARTY!!

    Sat., Apr. 4 2021年4月4日(日)に延期します!!!! 登戸STARGICROOM STUDS pre. STUDS Go Your Way EP RELEASE PARTY!! OPEN 15:30 S […]

  • “Go Your Way EP” lyrics

    “Go Your Way EP” lyrics

    1.Go Your Way Are you all done. You haven’t even reached your limit. But don’t back down. So do you want to st […]